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Oz Seals Pty Ltd


Oz Poly machines develop polyurethanes that are tougher and possess better abrasion resistance to existing polyurethane stock. The polyurethane produced are stronger and able to provide longer service life, to a factor of 10 times.

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Prinz Polymers offers a wide range of products made from the highest quality materials. If custom products are required, they can be machined in our branch upon request. At Prinz, we offer same day delivery or a fast 1-2 days delivery service.


Raw materials and semi-finished billets in a variety of sizes. Ensuring that our range of Super Polymers are of exceptional performance, Prinz polymers is always improving our materials with new innovations to keep up with the ever-changing industry.

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At Prinz Polymers, we deliver products and services that exceed customer expectations. All our staff are equipped with the knowledge and ability to deliver a broad cross-section of services to meet your needs.

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